Litsy: The Savior of Bookish Interaction

Update: I have been using Litsy for months now and THIS IS WHAT ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SHOULD BE! That is all. Check out this old blog from January for more info.

I was going to wait five days to pen my thoughts on Litsy but in just three I am convinced. In 72 hours it has all but replaced Facebook and Instagram for me. I have gotten more out of 72 hours in Litsy than I have in the last year of Facebook.

Book Riot posted an article a while back with a headline of something like “You could read 200 books in the time you spend checking Facebook”. That blew me away. I didn’t even have to read the article to know that this was absolutely true for me. I have tried to break the Facebook clutches for years, but it is just so engrained in everything we do. I don’t even text my friends anymore (let alone call!). All of our communication is through Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. It is absolutely an addiction. I decided a few years ago that I could not break the addiction, but I could limit my viewing to things that added value to my life. So, began the great Facebook purge. I hid anyone who was high drama and those who I did not care about. I deleted the arbitrary “liked” pages that crop up through the years. I whittled it down to just the things I WANTED to put time into. This strategy worked for a while, but soon enough Facebook was useless with the rise in clickbait. Instagram stayed relatively useful, but it lacks the bookish quality I wanted. All I got in my feed were people posting completely unrealistic “shelfies” with questions I had no reason to answer. “What is your favorite book on a cold day?” Like, why? I knew my answer would count for nothing as they were only trying to engage users. There was no real feeling behind it.

Enter Litsy.

On Tuesday, while surfing through the Facebook dribble (and no doubt mentally chastising myself for wasting time), I found an article from a book blog about Goodreads and Instagram’s baby! I clicked, with low hopes. The app seemed like one I had not tried so I downloaded. The setup was super intuitive and within five minutes I was happily posting. Two minutes later I had grown my followers, had posted a second time, and had several meaningful conversations about the Litsy community and how best to utilize it. People were engaged! They cared! I cared to read their recommendations! It was refreshing honestly. There is a lot of push to follow EVERYONE. I MEAN EVERYONE you can. At first this felt a bit icky. What if I didn’t care about what they were posting? Was this actually all about the numbers? But to my pleasant surprise the more people I followed the more meaningful interactions I encountered. So, yes, it is a numbers game. BUT IT IS A GAME! There is literally no pressure! I have never had so much fun on an app before!

I think society as a whole has lost touch with intellectual pursuits for the sake of education. Our social media image has become our most valuable aspect and we value celebrity news over scientific discoveries. I know I am making some huge generalizations but just bear with me here. If you are here you either like me lots or are interested in literary pursuits, so if I ask when was the last time you sat and read for more than twenty minutes what would your answer be? Take this quiz below and leave it in the comments. I guarantee the answers will support my claims.

When was the last time you read a physical copy of a book for more than twenty minutes?

How many social Media profiles do you currently have?

How many minutes did you spend yesterday checking social media?

How many minutes did you spend furthering knowledge or reading for pleasure?

I know this sounds like an anti social media post and it is. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own social media accounts. I use them daily. But the amount of true, useful social interaction I have continues to dwindle. Social Media forces us to have thousands of friends and most of them couldn’t even say what month your birthday is. It creates a huge social issue and personally seems to contribute to the social anxiety I have always battled. It keeps me from having to interact with people in meaningful ways and feeds the hermit tendencies and fear of interaction, while also feeding loneliness and meaninglessness.

I am not saying Litsy is an end all be all. But I will say that it has taken my social media addiction and turned it into something constructive. IN THREE DAYS. I have already read significantly more than I normally would, and I actually have something to look forward to when I open my Phone. This is not a promotion, I am not being paid, I just firmly believe that there is a better way of living out there than just checking for Kim Kardashian’s latest baby updates. Check it out people, it might just change your whole day.

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