Review – Scarlet – Jen Geigle Johnson

Scarlet is a standout read of 2018 for me! I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the beginning to the very end. Scarlet herself is a great combination of gentlewoman, intellect, and adventurer with a leader’s ambition that is uncommon in female led Historic Romances. She is independent and loves deeply. Her whole character was interesting and well rounded. The auxiliary characters of the story had the same appeal but to a lesser extent, which worked marvelously to highlight Scarlet and Matteo.

The story structure itself was fast paced without being busy. It never slowed down enough that I wanted to put the book down but kept a slow enough pace that I did not have to go back and read pieces again to remember pertinent details or figure out what I had just read. There were a couple places with large time gaps where I struggled but Jen Geigle Johnson always brought them back around in a way that made the time gaps useful.

The historical aspect of the story was an interesting trip through the French Revolution. She did a great job of portraying a side of it we do not normally get to read, and the heartfelt desperation of the league was believable and meaningful.

As a great lover of Historical fiction and Historical romance I highly recommend this book. It was interesting, romantic, and extremely well written. Great job Jen Geigle Johnson, I can’t wait to read what you publish next!


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