Review – Murmur – Emily Israd

Emily was lovely to offer me a copy of the book in exchange for a fair review. Here is my spoiler free review. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

She really has a gem of a series started in this first book. The style of writing was very appealing to me right from the start. It was easy and pleasant to read and flowed very naturally. I read it in a day because it was so smooth. The dialogue was well laid out and sounded very realistic when reading aloud. She chose beautiful names for the characters, none of which were so obscure that I had to take time to figure out how to say them.

It was also a fresh new take on the shifter story in a world flooded with werewolf themed books. The birds are a beautiful option, and the imagery surrounding the birds worked very well. The storyline is well thought out and has some nice twists without being a total rollercoaster ride. This is an excellent book for lovers of Fantasy or someone wanting to check out something new. Bird Lovers would also enjoy it. I definitely recommend…Plus the cover is gorgeous!
Murmur cover_5.25x8_BW_310 v2


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