Why I am not setting a reading goal for 2019

Does anyone else feel like the idea of a reading goal is putting unnecessary pressure on your reading habits?

Marie Kondo recently released her Netflix show about tidying up and while I haven’t watched it, I have read her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It blew my mind. This got me thinking. Where else in my life can I relieve pressure?

Currently I have a job at Barnes and Noble, an internship with Illumify Media Global (a publishing group), and I am going to school full-time at CU Denver. This leaves very little time for reading. I spent a lot of time in December beating myself up for not getting my Goodreads reading goal completed. I was six or eight books short of my hundred book goal and because of this I was blazing through all of the shorties on Serial Reads. What I didn’t take into account was my change in job that created a massive deficit in my audiobook listening time. But how do you see that in January when you set your goals?

I began thinking. Why? What is the point of reading a “book” to meet an arbitrary goal, especially when I’m not going to even remember the content. I wasn’t enjoying it.

I was beating myself because there was no way I was going to make my goal. Then I realized, who freaking cares? I was 97 books in on the 30th. Could I have knocked those three books out? Certainly! But would I have done it because I WANTED to read them? No. And I wouldn’t have retained them either.

Goals are SO HELPFUL for some people. I’m not disparaging the usefulness of setting a reading goal. They have cured many a reading slump. But please just ask yourself, are you reading because you love the smell of a paperback and the feel of it between your hands, or are you reading to meet an arbitrary goal?

This year I set a 50 book goal on Goodreads but I am choosing to ignore it. I want to be able to track the book titles I read but that goal number is not going to factor into what I read. It may not work for you, but for me, that’s how I am tidying up life.

(Also NEVER getting rid of a book 😈😈😈)


2 thoughts on “Why I am not setting a reading goal for 2019

  1. I’ve been setting my GR goal to 52 because I know that is super duper easy for me. Anything higher and I start feeling pressure and it kinda ruins the fun for me.


    • I agree!! I’ve set a goal and tracked my reading for years but it’s taken me until now to realize just how much pressure it can put in you


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