Arvada Book and Art Festival

This weekend was full of fun adventures! My friend and I hiked North Table Mountain, we ran around the River North district in Denver, and the most exciting part was attending the Arvada Book and Art Festival!

Don’t mind my miserable lipstick lines…..

Just a quick note about what Denverites affectionally call the RiNo district…It is one of the most incredible places in town. If you are here visiting and love art, it is a must see. The entire street is covered in murals and there are no shortage of lovely picture opportunities. Plus, there are wonderful restaurants and breweries everywhere!

Okay, so about this book festival. The Arvada Center has hosted this event for a few years now. Hubs and I attended last year and we had fun, but I wanted so much more from it. There were some great tables, and lots of interesting people, but we went through the entire thing within a half hour. This year really delivered though. A friend of mine, who is employed by the Pueblo library district came up just for the event. Five dollars gets you in the door and for an additional amount you can attend keynote speakers, special talks, and other events within the festival. It is an absolute bargain.

This year there was a huge focus on independent and local authors! I will never cease to be amazed by the effort and heart that goes into independent publishing. It is absolutely grueling and the amount of work that goes into making a book successful is tremendous. An entire small ballroom was filling with author tables and so many amazing books were highlighted!

We also got to check out a dramatized reading of an excerpt from Station 11 thanks to a grant provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. The actors were all local, trained actors through the Arvada Center and they provided an excellent interpretation of the book.

If you are in the area next year and want to support a local author be sure to check out this event!

How do these electrical meters look so cool?!

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