A Paradigm Shift

Do you ever look back at your life and wonder, wtf….

Yeah. I used to do that about six times a day. Now I keep it under three.

I used to have this grand idea that I was going to be a successful writer, blogger, and book guru. Then my whole life changed and I have been treading water for several years now just seeing where things take me. I have always loved books, that will never change, but I have found myself recently feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the falseness of so much of “book reader social media”. Don’t get me wrong, I have made some amazing lifelong friends through social media (Amanda, Jillian, and so many others, if you are reading this thank you for riding the turbulent waves with me for so long) but at some point, I was reading to hit a goal and posting to gain views and build popularity. I lost the entire joy of opening a book and just reading it because I could.

Because of this, I am going to be transitioning this space into a broader writing collection moving forward. I will be deleting my Book Instagram account eventually I am sure, and I will not be posting exclusively book-related content on this blog anymore. No, it won’t become a happy homemaker mom recipe blog, but I want a place to document this new life and a place to share my triumphs and joys with those who are interested. Read it or don’t. The VIEWS make no difference to me. YOU do.

What you are likely to see more of: outdoor adventures, book tidbits, writing snippets, food preservation experimentation, and day-to-day life rambling about whatever hobbies I am currently chasing.

What you won’t see: solicited book reviews, exclusive book content, etc.

My work with the publishing group will not be affected. My great desire to help authors reach their goals and fulfill their dreams is one of my passions, and my social media work with them will remain full tilt. I will continue to help authors navigate the murky waters of current social media trends.

In the meantime, love -Erin


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