To Be You

This is just a quick little poem I wrote about my great grandmother a while back for my poetry class. I am working on editing it, but I love it in the original form so much. I wanted to share it that way.

To Be You

Lines crease your face, eyes still shine

Your hands have fed so many men

Working from the ground up you built an empire

A love and labor so strong

The lines in your face are mirrored in your hands

That labor and love is mirrored there as well

Eighty years have made their mark and every mark is earned

One day I hope to have those stories written across my body

Your stride carries you through each hard day

Yet your smile never fades

A husband fifteen years buried and every night spent alone

Your pride, love, and satisfaction still fill your soul

Blue clip earrings adorn your ears and brighten your eyes “Those are so kitsch” but you wear them with class

Your jewelry box is my treasure trove

I slip my fingers through the cheap, priceless pieces

Hair perfectly permed, you rise every morning happy Purple polyester pants, fitted to your body

Floral shirts, expertly matched

You take “old lady” and make it chic

Adoration shrouds me when I look at you

You are my heritage

You are me, so many generations removed

You are my future and I am so pleased


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