Summer Book plans!

Hi all! Thanks for continuing to read my musings. As you all know, I am in school and work a bazillion different jobs at any one time so things can be a little sporadic around here. But summer is upon us! Bring on the reading (guilty pleasure reading and otherwise, I am currently starting The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning and there is zero shame šŸ™‚ ). I am also planning to start a few consistent projects and postings! Here is a breakdown of the theoretical plan. Follow whichever you would enjoy!


For Instagram I am going to be doing lots more Whine and Wine talks. You guys seem to enjoy when I rant and rave about books while drinking various adult beverages and I enjoy chatting with all of you so much. Scheduling to remain at “whenever I feel inspired”


I will be shooting for a weekly blog post and a weekly book review. I have a lot of reviews to catch up so we shall see how that goes. Got questions or what to guest blog? Send me a message through my contact page or any of my social media accounts.

Litsy: @erinsuegreads

I love litsy. It is my home. And big news! They now have a website. It used to only be available on Mobile but the launch of this new site has opened it up to so many more people. Check it out at

I will be doing posts over there and new follower Fridays to try to help engage new community members and give them the incredible experience that I have.


I post over here a few times a week. I don’t have anything special planned right now, but it is my favorite way to interact with the writing community so if you want to head over there it is usually completely different content than Instagram and facebook.

I have a facebook page that is mostly just an autopost for my Instagram. I do respond to messages and comments though.

Over on the page I manage for the publishing company I work for I will be doing Writing Tip Wednesday live chats at 7 pm mountain standard time starting this Wednesday, 5/8/2019. Come join in on the fun!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST READING! I have this lovely porch garden that I am putting together and it is so nice to sit out on it and read. This summer I have plans, which are mostly all Sarah J. Maas centered, to get through a bunch of the Throne of Glass series. I will also probably read lots of trashy romance, because lets be honest, I am wiped out. I need something easy and fun. What are you reading this summer?


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