Summer Reading Binges

As the summer is winding down and the new school year gets closer I have been doing some reflecting. I had every intention of reading and relaxing all summer, but it is so crazy how quickly the weeks slip by. One minute it is May and you are walking off campus with months of freedom ahead of you, the next, you are scrambling to squeeze in all of the books you intended to read over the summer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I read a ton this summer. Things have been so busy though. I was promoted to Acquisitions Editor for Illumify Media, a publishing company that I work for. This means that I have been talking to prospective authors about publishing contracts, as well as still doing my social media management. (If you want to chat about publishing a book click here!) I am having a ton of fun doing it and even got to speak at our writing conference about getting your book into stores and social media.

Look an official headshot!

I was also approached by a friend of mine about organizing a poetry festival the week after school got out! I took a ton of poetry classes last semester and then this pops up! Weird how the universe aligns….

Anyway, it is a one day celebration of poetry and all the fun and beauty that comes of it. We have Khadijah Queen as our keynote speaker, Colorado poet laureate Joe Hutchison as a speaker, and many others! There will be workshops, poets selling books, and a VIP reading! Tickets are only ten bucks! If you are:

  • a poet wanting to sell your books
  • A human wanting to come celebrate with us
  • a human wanting to volunteer for the festival
  • A literacy related organization wanting a table

Then contact me! We would love to have you! The website where you can sign up for a table and buy tickets is

The moral of the story is make time for your reading ya’ll. I am three weeks or so out from the beginning of school staring at my tbr pile wondering how many i can get through in the next week.

I am currently reading Wilder Girls. It is blowing my mind. I love it so much but it is so disturbing. Unfamiliar with it? It is this months Barnes & Noble bookclub pick and is a YA story about an island of quarantined girls, affected by a horrific disease that causes violent mutations. Go check it out. I promise you won’t regret it!


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