Review – Legends of Eve

I will be the first to say I am a lover of all fantasy set in the highlands and European -esque lands, but the most valuable thing I got from Legends Of Eve was that it was not. Set in a fantasy Asia, it is a refreshing story with a strong female lead and element-based magic.

Mother Nature, Eve, is the end all be all for four talented students who are singled out to meet her. Their journey via airship to this mythical Valley is the setup for the begging on the story and leaves a thorough opening for the chaos ahead.

The book itself could be considered YA but is also a great read for other ages and serious fantasy lovers should definitely check it out. Being unfamiliar with Chinese myth I cannot speak to all the tie ins there but it certainly seemed well thought out and connected to more traditional stories.

It became a little hard to follow every now and then but I urge you to just keep reading. It is one of those books where it all works out in the end and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to check it out!


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